Hotcoin to Launch SOAI (SOAI) Trading on May 26 at 13:14
According to the official Hotcoin announcement, SOAI/USDT trading will be available from 13:14 on May 26, 2024 (UTC+8). Deposits and withdrawals for SOAI will open on May 25 at 13:14.
SOAI is a Layer 2 scaling solution based on SOL Rollup technology. By leveraging the communication capabilities between Layer 1 and Layer 2, it allows for trustless transfer of any form of SOL assets between the two layers. While SOAI transactions are still settled on SOL, SOAI only submits the original transaction data to SOL, resulting in significantly lower gas fees compared to the mainnet. The contracts are fully compatible and have no gas limits. SOAI’s scaling solution suite offers faster speeds, significantly reduced costs, and the same level of security as SOL.
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LayerUP: Building High-Performance Web3 Infrastructure via "Layer Computing"
As a forward-looking project, LayerUP aims to build high-performance, low-cost Web3 infrastructure. It proposes a new "layer computing" paradigm that offloads computations to off-chain and sidechains, requiring only minimal proofs to be validated on the main chain, thereby achieving massive scalability. This not only significantly improves throughput but also reduces fees, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of high-frequency applications. Meanwhile, it preserves Ethereum's core decentralization and security, preparing for the advent of innovative applications like Metaverse.
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BEBE Empowers Users to Explore the Digital World
With the arrival of the digital age, BEBE, as a pioneering project, offers a rich array of features, providing users with powerful tools to explore the digital world.
BEBE is not just a digital project but also an ecosystem with diverse functionalities. It includes various innovative features such as DeFi and NFTs, as well as chain gaming. Through these features, users can participate in various activities, including but not limited to creation, investment, artistic creation, and gaming, to achieve personal value and the goal of community development.
BEBE provides an open, inclusive, and innovative environment for users, encouraging active participation. Whether creators, investors, artists, or gamers, everyone can find their place in BEBE and unleash their talents and creativity. Through token reward mechanisms, BEBE incentivizes interaction and cooperation among users, collectively driving the platform's development and improvement.
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Hotcoin Will Launch XRPP(XRPP) Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on Feb.5th
According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of XRPP/USDT currency pair at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.5th,2024.The deposits of XRPP will be available at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.4th,2024. And withdrawals of XRPP will be enabled at 15:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.6th,2024. 
XRPP is an innovative banking technology solution protocol public blockchain focused on the cryptocurrency field.XRPP improves global feasibility and fairness by creating an inclusive, streamlined and sustainable financial system. XRPP continues to improve itself within the existing financial system, simplifying its underlying infrastructure and enabling convenient and efficient management mechanisms through shared governance with its users. XRPP also works with national regulators, governments and banks to ensure that the XRPP ecosystem is not only healthy and stable, but also safe and compliant.
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Hotcoin Will Launch OORT(OORT) Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Feb.1st
According to the official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of OORT/USDT currency pair at 20:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.1st,2024.The deposits & withdrawals of OORT will be available at 18:00 (GMT+8) on Feb.1st,2024.
OORT is a decentralized cloud designed for data privacy and cost savings. By integrating global compute and storage resources, we provide AI solutions to enhance business operations. By 2023, OORT has established one of the world's largest decentralized cloud infrastructure covering over 100+ counties and generated multi-million dollar revenues.
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Hotcoin will launch GOLDEN CHAIN(GSOC)trading at 20:00 (GMT+8) on January 21th
Hotcoin will soon be listing GSOC/USDT currency pair, the specific details are listed as following:
Trading Starts:
Deposits Withdrawals:
GSOC (GSOC is issued as collateral with trading assets, opening up a new field for RWA) to create Web3 financial infrastructure GOLDEN CHAIN, and create the world's largest decentralized financial aggregation platform through technology iteration, value empowerment, and ecological development.
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Hotcoin will launch Etntpow (ETNT) trading at 13:00 (GMT+8) on January 15th
Hotcoin will soon be listing ETNT/USDT currency pair, the specific details are listed as following:
Trading Starts:
Deposit Starts:
13:00(GMT+8), Jan.14th,2024
Withdrawal Starts:
13:00(GMT+8), Jan.16th,2024
ETNT is a type of hard fork token of Ethereum, which was developed based on the PoW consensus mechanism of Ethereum network. ETNT retains the core principles of Ethereum, including the decentralization, transparency and security. It’s providing a more efficient and fair mining mechanism through the introduction of advanced mining algorithms, allowing existing graphics card devices to sustain the PoW mining. ETNT is committed to driving further optimization of the Ethereum ecosystem and providing sustainable participation opportunities for the global mining community.
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Hotcoin Will Launch Retail Alliance(RALC) Trading at 14:13(GMT+8) on Nov.25th
According to the Hotcoin official announcement,Hotcoin will enable the trading of RALC/USDT currency pair at 14:13(GMT+8) on Nov.25th,2023. The deposits & withdrawals of RALC will be available at 14:30 (GMT+8) on Nov.25th,2023.
Retail Alliance-We are all unknown members in the industry, we don't represent any organizations or professional players, we are just ordinary retail investors in this industry. At present, the whole industry is filled with a large number of over-packaged or exaggerated brand designed institutions and image-designed KOLs, retail investors should unite and declare the return of grassroots and wildness, showing the most original blockchain spirit.
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Hotcoin Has Enabled Mecca Token(MCA)Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Nov.17th
According to Hotcoin official announcement, the MCA/USDT currency pair has listed on Hotcoin at 20:00(GMT+8) on Nov.17th ,2023. The opening price of MCA was 0.0001 USDT and spiked to 1 USDT within 15 minutes of going live. 
Mecca Token(MCA) is the mainstream currency in Mecca Funds' commitment to driving the development of cryptocurrency ETF into Asia's leading NFT asset trading platform. Our mission is to break the boundaries between traditional finance and digital assets, providing investors with more diversified choices and a more convenient trading experience.
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India's Supreme Court rejects cryptocurrency petition
India's Supreme Court has refused to consider a public interest lawsuit (PIL) aimed at establishing regulations and guidance frameworks for cryptocurrency transactions in India.
According to reports, judges led by India's Chief Justice (CJI) stated after hearing the appeal that the petitioners' demands were more legislative in nature.
Given the nature of the petition, judges JD Pardiwala and Manoj Misra rejected the request.
The Supreme Court noted that although the petitioners submitted a PIL calling for regulation and guidance on cryptocurrency and its transactions, their ultimate goal was to obtain bail.
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Hotcoin Will Launch String Magnetic Protocol(SMP)Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Oct.25th
Hotcoin will enable the trading of SMP/USDT currency pair at 20:00(GMT+8) on Oct.25th,2023. The deposits & withdrawals of SMP will be available at 17:00 (GMT+8) on Oct.24th,2023.
String Magnetic Protocol (SMP) is a next-generation algorithmic mining platform supported by Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZPK) protocol. Its mining technology and smart contract integration employ a revolutionary approach, enabling every CPU to participate. SMP supports diverse functions such as mining with mining rigs, liquidity mining, DAO communities, and more. SMP is committed to fundamentally changing the mining industry by enhancing security and transparency.
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Hotcoin Will Launch Young Mids Inspired (YMII) Trading at 9:20(GMT+8) on Oct.27th
Hotcoin will be opening the trading for YMII/USDT currency pair at 9:20(GMT+8) on Oct.27th,2023, and the deposit and withdrawal services of YMII will be available at 20:00(GMT+8) on Oct.21st,2023.
Young Mids Inspired (YMII) is a fully intelligent one-stop service platform. Users are able to complete a series of DeFi behaviors in YMII, such as performing deposits,lending & loans,leveraged mining, cross-chain mining, getting ahead in mining, automatic compounding, etc. YMlI will lay out the Metaverse, GameFi, Exchanges,public blockchains ,NFT stakings and series core blockchain industries. It is committed to building the YMII Metaverse ecosystem in the era of web3.0.
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Hotcoin Will Launch Entropy(ENT) Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on Sept.29th
Hotcoin will open ENT/USDT trading on September 29, 2023, at 15:00 (GMT+8) and enable ENT deposits on September 28, 2023, at 15:00. ENT withdrawals will be available starting from September 29, 2023, at 15:00.
Entropy is a high-performance, customized blockchain service platform designed specifically for blockchain games featuring Tokens, NFTs, and Flexible Tokens. Additionally, Entropy supports multiple blockchain APIs/SDKs with high autonomy, facilitating the smooth launch and development of DApps and blockchain games as planned. This significantly reduces execution time and lowers technical barriers.
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Hotcoin Will Launch Coupon Assets(CA) Trading at 16:00(GMT+8) on Sept.25th
Hotcoin will be opening the trading for CA/USDT currency pair at 16:00 (GMT+8) on Sept.25th,2023, and the deposit and withdrawal services of CA will be available at 16:00(GMT+8) on Sept.24th,2023.
CA is a type of platform coin initiated by RADAR LAB (U.S.) and issued in March 2018, the value of CA token issuance lies in the financial attributes of its highly liquid crypto-digital assets (equity token assets) based on the global financial market, and the bonds and promissory notes with anti-counterfeiting traceability source! CA is committed to creating a globally circulating and usable financial asset circulation system digital economy covering scenarios such as digital assets, multi-asset class risk and performance analytics, global asset allocation, ESG investing, insurance, index funds, real assets and complementing the existing currencies by enabling new functionalities, significantly lowering costs, and promoting financial inclusion. Ultimately, it will be a simple, global digital currency incentive system and financial infrastructure that benefits billions of people.
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Hotcoin Will Launch MetaX(MAX) Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Aug.28th
According to Hotcoin official announcement, Hotcoin will launch the trading of MAX/USDT currency pair at 20:00(GMT+8) on Aug.28th,2023. The deposits & withdrawals of MAX will be available at 14:00 (GMT+8) on Aug.28th,2023.
MetaX is a diversified and comprehensive service platform based on Web3 ecosystem, which is mainly constructing an extremely open and co-constructed world through the Decentralized social+Web3 E-wallet+Metaverse scene,which is jointly constructed by builders in multiple fields & covering social traffic, cyberspace and application scenes,and it is shown to be an interconnected world with ultra Large-scale digital application ecosystem.
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AiStrat Intelligent Quantitative Trading Investment Official Live!
AiStrat's Intelligent Quantitative Trading Investment will officially launch at 00:00 GMT-4 on August 1, 2023. This is a crucial step towards providing the most advanced and efficient trading solutions for the blockchain sector. With this launch, users will be able to customize their participation based on their preferences, presenting an excellent opportunity for increasing returns and multiplying wealth. AiStrat firmly believes in the transformative power of AI technology in the world of trading, with the goal of providing robust, efficient, and profitable trading solutions. AiStrat warmly invites all users to take part in this and looks forward to embarking on this exciting new journey together. Invest wisely, multiply your wealth, and let us redefine the future of trading together!
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The BTCDAO organization is recruiting nodes and partners globally
The BTCDAO organization was co-incubated and launched by the most fanatical Bitcoin enthusiasts (Bitcoin institutional funds, Bitcoin mine owners, early Bitcoin investors), and is now recruiting nodes and partners from around the world to create the glory of Bitcoin again.
Node recruitment and benefits:
In order to better promote the development of BIT DAO, the BTC DAO organization is now recruiting nodes globally and enjoying the following benefits: 100 node partners have a subscription fee of 10,000 usdt, and the benefits they enjoy are:
①: 10000u×5=50000T computing power (expand five times the principal to enjoy five times the computing power and give priority to mining)
②: Enjoy S3 level dividends, permanent level protection
③: You can get new rewards for the computing power of the entire network
In 2024,Bitcoin will be halved again.As a member of the BTCDAO organization,all our node participants will usher in a new era of Bitcoin landing!In this global revolution,we witness the unparalleled rise of Bitcoin together! This is an unforgettable historical moment!
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Hotcoin Will Open JPC Trading at 20:00 (GMT+8) on July.15th
Hotcoin will be opening the trading for JPC/USDT currency pair at 20:00 (GMT+8) on July.15th,2023. The withdrawals of JPC will be enabled at 20:00 (GMT+8) on July.16th,2023, and the deposits of JPC will be available at 20:00 (GMT+8) on July.14th,2023.
After years of operating as one of the most successful centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) in the decentralized finance space, JPEX has finally launched its native asset, called JPC. This is a digital asset that will contribute to the overall ecosystem of the JPEX platform.
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FintraDAO's Native Token (FDC), Now Listed on DigiFinex, Unlocking New Opportunities in Secure Cryptocurrency Trading
FintraDAO native token FDC is now listed on DigiFinex, providing a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading experience. This significant milestone presents immense opportunities for the FintraDAO community. With the FDC listing on DigiFinex, users can easily trade and participate in the FintraDAO ecosystem, unlocking its full potential.
DigiFinex is renowned for its robust security measures and extensive user base, offering a trusted platform for cryptocurrency transactions. This strategic partnership allows FintraDAO to expand its influence and introduce its product advantages to a wider audience. The FDC listing on DigiFinex will bring new liquidity pools, enhanced trading options, and greater market exposure. This listing enhances FDC’s value and utility and solidifies FintraDAO's position in the decentralized finance sector. For more information, please contact our official team at
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Hotcoin Will Launch YFD Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on June.30th
YFD is a digital proof of interest for community services issued by Yifan Home (Hong Kong) Limited. In order to provide more community residents with a new experience of digital life and for the steady development of the platform, YFD will officially launch the trading platform at 15:00 (UTC+8) on June 30, 2023, opening the YFD/USDT trading pair for global circulation. Protect the rights and interests of community residents and improve the digital service experience, YFD - stay tuned!
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