LpSwap: The Leading Decentralized Exchange on Binance Smart Chain
LpSwap is the leading decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Through a series of smart contracts, LpSwap innovates the process of liquidity creation, liquidity provision, and asset exchange, greatly facilitating user opera...
06-08 22:43
PlayCloud Digital Sports Global Brand Tour and Vietnam (Hanoi) Super Fan Carnival comes to a successful close
Hanoi, Vietnam, May 6th, 2024 - On a passionate and eagerly awaited afternoon, the PlayCloud Digital Sports Global Brand Tour and Vietnam (Hanoi) Super Fan Carnival concluded successfully in Hanoi, Vietnam. During the event, hundreds of par...
05-07 11:27
TradingLink Wraps Up the DUBAI Token2049 Starlight Carnival Night
On April 17, 2024, the DUBAI Token2049 Starlight Carnival Night, co-hosted by Hotcoin Global and TradingLink, concluded successfully at the JW Marriott Hotel Marina in Dubai. This premier digital finance gathering took place at the famed JW...
04-18 16:28
SVBTC Shining Queen Award,A Glittering Night of Success and New Beginnings
In the opulent setting of Pitt Club Malaysia, the most prestigious club venue in the country, the SVBTC Shining Queen Award ceremony unfolded like a grand tapestry woven with innovation, recognition, and investment opportunities. SVBTC, as...
04-12 20:50
Exploring the Future of Digital Entertainment: MetaFilm Leads the Way in Film and Television
With the rapid development of technology, digital entertainment is undergoing a revolutionary change. In this digital era of infinite possibilities, MetaFilm has emerged as a pioneer in leading the new trend of film and television. MetaFilm...
03-30 11:37
Dongfanghong (Hong Kong) Technology Partners with Hong Kong Excelerate Intelligence Alliance
Recently, Dongfanghong (Hong Kong) Technology Service Co., Ltd. has formally entered into a cooperation agreement with the Hong Kong Excelerate Intelligence Alliance (hereinafter referred to as Excelerate Alliance). The two parties will coll...
03-18 10:00
Reshaping the Digital Financial Landscape: Elephant EX Sets off a new Wave of Inscription Finance
Amidst the rapid development of the digital era, we are thrilled to announce that Elephant EX will soon embark on the global stage, injecting new vitality and endless possibilities into the digital finance arena. As an integrated financial t...
02-24 17:13
LGAMEFI's first ecosystem based on BPL public chain development: ushering in a new era of RWA game entertainment and DeFi integration
In the trend of combining decentralized finance (DeFi) with gaming and entertainment, the LGAMEFI project on the BPL public chain represents cutting-edge technological innovation and market leadership. This RWA chain transformation of matur...
02-16 15:49
Markets News
Hotcoin to Launch SOAI (SOAI) Trading on May 26 at 13:14
LayerUP: Building High-Performance Web3 Infrastructure via "Layer Computing"
BEBE Empowers Users to Explore the Digital World
Hotcoin Will Launch XRPP(XRPP) Trading at 15:00(GMT+8) on Feb.5th
Hotcoin Will Launch OORT(OORT) Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Feb.1st
Hotcoin will launch GOLDEN CHAIN(GSOC)trading at 20:00 (GMT+8) on January 21th
Hotcoin will launch Etntpow (ETNT) trading at 13:00 (GMT+8) on January 15th
Hotcoin Will Launch Retail Alliance(RALC) Trading at 14:13(GMT+8) on Nov.25th
Hotcoin Has Enabled Mecca Token(MCA)Trading at 20:00(GMT+8) on Nov.17th
India's Supreme Court rejects cryptocurrency petition